In The Beginning….

Jeffery A. Harris

At age 7, I attended my first funeral. The family friend who drove me to kindergarten suddenly passed away. Being my first funeral, I was fascinated with the entire process – the gathering of the people for the viewing, the funeral itself and the interment. This experience left a lasting impression on me, which nurtured my desire to become a Mortician.

I feel deeply honored to work in an industry where I can provide a meaningful service to others at one of the most difficult times of their lives. I have a deep passion for helping people and I believe that we (Funeral Directors), who are truly called, are privileged by God, with a special anointing and gift to serve and assist families that have had a loss.

Jarvis “Ramon” Harris

I attended my first funeral when I was 6 years old. My first cousin died in a car accident. This was my first time seeing a body, a casket or a hearse. I started drawing caskets, headstones and funeral cars. It was fascinating. I would role play the events of that day and about the circumstances I had heard about my cousin’s death. I turned all of my Star Wars, Army Men, and other types of action figures into my funeral home. I used a toy tractor trailer for carrying cars with four cars as a hearse and the cars behind as my processional. There was one restaurant that sold hotdogs in a container and that container resembled a casket. I carefully folded up a bandana as the interior of the container and laid the action figure in the casket. We had an area beside the refrigerator in the kitchen that was my funeral home and my bedroom was the cemetery. My mother would get after me for going into the refrigerator to use Ketchup “blood” on my action figures as they come into my funeral home. I would wash them up and put them in the casket. I would have a funeral with singing and preaching, and then have a processional to my room “the cemetery”.

I enjoy working in the funeral industry because it gives me an opportunity to give the lost loved ones back to the grieving family. Assisting the family with their needs and planning the arrangements gives me an opportunity to help the families relieve their burden.

Although times have changed (technology, customer service etc…), our services and commitment to excellence have not. In most cases, when you call a business you’re routed to a call center, but at Harris Funeral Home, a staff member always answers, assisting with details of funeral arrangements, directions to service/cemetery location or just to comfort that person on the other end of the phone. Like others, we have an answering service for rare situations but almost always when a call is made to Harris Funeral Home (even after hours), you talk to a staff member and most times, it’s Jeffery Harris.

From delivering chairs (as a courtesy), providing transportation, assisting with cemetery arrangements, we serve our families and communities 24/7/365 days every year. Our services include: Pre-arrangements/Preneed and At-need funeral arrangements with families at our office or in the comfort of their home; Visitation/Public Viewing; Funeral/Cremation Service; Interment and Repast; and, Aftercare Services.

Jeffery Harrisis the founder and President of the company. He, like Ramon, has a vast area of responsibility. His routine has not changed much over the years. He arrives to the funeral home early each day to take care of necessary tasks at the establishment , and whatever else is needed. He’s seen here walking the parking lot, which he does at least two times a day, checking for paper and debris.

Other staff members

  • Joann Booth, 25 years of service
  • Reverend Robert Cadenhead, 25 years of service (Chaplain)
  • Kamilah C. Johnson, Funeral Director
  • Channing Torbert, Funeral Attendant
  • Ray Thomas, Funeral Attendant
  • Ronnie Reese, Funeral Attendant
  • Marcus Dean, Funeral Attendant
  • Brandon McCurdy, Funeral Attendant
  • Judy Lockhart, Veterans Coordinator
  • Teresa Smith, Family Service Provider
  • Sabrina Leon-Cummings, Mortician
  • Frank Hightower, Funeral Attendant

Ramon Harris, is the Vice President of the company performs various functions; he oversees Embalming, Dressing, Funeral Direction, just to mention a few and other day to day responsibilities.

Cornelia V. Johnson, is the Office Manager and Funeral Director. She has 20 years of service with the company. Her organizational savvy helps ensure things run smoothly at Harris Funeral Home.






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